Andorra 2029 Candidacy Actions

A candidacy where everyone leaves their mark

The candidacy for the Alpine Skiing World Championships Andorra 2029 is a project from a whole country in which the population is encouraged to “leave their mark”. One of the objectives of the Andorran organising team is to make this project as widely known as possible and to make the Andorran public feel that they are playing an active role in this process. 

On the 4th of June 2024, the Principality of Andorra and the other two candidates that are bidding to be the organisers of the 2029 World Cup Finals, namely Val Gardena (Italy) and Narvik (Norway), will find out who has been chosen as the winning venue. During this candidacy period, the Andorran technical office is implementing a series of initiatives on a national level to generate exposure, create synergies and link other sectors beyond just the sporting side of things. 

Here are some of the initiatives that have been implemented so far: 

Accessible day of activities for children with disability

The ski slopes in the El Tarter sector of the Grandvalira ski station hosted an accessible day of activities in the snow for children who suffer some form of disability. The day was organised by the candidacy team for the Alpine World Ski Championships Andorra 2029 in alignment with the values being promoted by the project to make the event accessible. A total of seven children, that were accompanied by educators enjoyed this action.

MenjAND Solidari

On the 27th of March 2024, just before Easter, the MenjAND Solidari initiative was set in motion for the second time with the delivery of 230 meals to Caritas Andorra (a prominent non-profit organisation in Andorra at the forefront of assisting homeless individuals and families). This is a charitable initiative that has a real and tangible impact. Its aim is to limit food waste in the Grandvalira ski station and to establish a charitable network of social gastronomy. 

Snow Club Gourmet

7 restaurants with Michelin stars, the protagonists on the last day of the Snow Club Gourmet season in the Grandvalira ski station. The event that was held at the flagship L'Abarset restaurant placed the focus on the candidacy for the Andorra 2029 World Championships. The conceptualisation of the event was mindful of restaurants with uniqueness being chosen that are starting to leave a mark in today's gastronomic scene.

The 2024 Soldeu Women's World Cup and 2023 Finals

On the 10th and 11th of February, the Avet course in Soldeu shone in all its glory, when it successfully hosted two competitions on the Women’s circuit of the Alpine Ski World Cup (Slalom and Giant Slalom). This was a great example of the organisational success of the ski station team and the committed involvement of a whole country: the public in attendance and a team of volunteers. This was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to the world the readiness, ability and suitability to be able to successfully host a World Cup in this new region. Previously, in March 2023, Andorra hosted the World Cup Finals for the second time, where Andorra's bid for 2029 was announced.

Andorran Artists in Action

Three mural artists that live in Andorra have reflected the values of the Andorra 2029 candidacy in their unique style in a large format. This is an initiative designed to spread the values of this national project by connecting sport with culture in an educational way. This is done in an urban style to capture the attention of young people. 

World Snow Day

This special day is being celebrated all over the world during the month of January. The children of Andorra are one of the pillars of our project. Through different activities linked to World Snow Day, we brought educational activities. We aim to bring our mountains closer to everyone, so the Andorra 2029 candidacy is working hard to make skiing and sporting events universally accessible. In this activity, Andorran associations for children with varying types of disabilities are invited to enjoy a day in the snow and this will demonstrate how the ski station is progressing satisfactorily in catering for the needs of everyone. 

Torchlight descent

Traditional torchlight descent at the beginning of the year that takes place in the Soldeu sector to welcome in the New Year. The stars of this activity are the children from the different ski clubs from all over the Principality at a get together that highlights what skiing and this project mean to the little ones. It is a show of unity and sense of shared togetherness amongst the new generations to want to leave their mark through this major national project that can become a reality in 2029.   


In 2023, the company Andorra Parlapp, availed of a cultural grant from the Andorra Government to promote the SIGNEMA Awards, as part of the 1st International Sign Language Film Festival of Andorra. The festival was held on 9 and 10 September 2023 with support from several national institutions, such as Comú d’Ordino, Andorra la Vella, Andorra Turisme and the Spanish embassy, and sponsorship from Grandvalira’s 2029 Candidacy for hosting the Ski World Championships, among others.

Thanks to its inclusive QR codes, Parlapp (organizers of the SIGNEMA Awards) provides access to cultural and tourism information in audio and sign language in different languages, 24 hours a day, every day o the year, and for free. Their services are available throughout Andorra, in the Government’s clear stand for universal accessibility.

Andorra Taste

The candidacy actively participated in the first ever summit featuring the world's top chefs which was held in Andorra in September 2023. Within a programme of gastronomic days, different round tables were organised with Michelin star chefs where the evolutionary and successful model of seasonal gastronomy and its relevance was exhibited, within the Dossier for the Andorra 2029 candidacy.

Today, we are candidates. Now more than ever, together, we will go further.



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