Speed, technique,... SHOW !

During the Alpine World Ski Championships, the best skiers from more than 70 countries will come together to put on an exciting show in all seven disciplines: Downhill, Super-G, Giant Slalom, Slalom, Alpine Combined, Parallel and Team Parallel. 13 exciting races to reach the podium.

These are the disciplines:


Downhill skiing is the speed discipline in the world of alpine skiing. Athletes reach speeds of over 130 km/h in competition – with control, technique, and concentration being vital over the course.

The Àliga piste in the El Tarter sector of Grandvalira brings together: gradient, diagonal with a slope, jumps, bends, sliding area, and width, among other features. The start is located at 2,476 m and heads into a descent of about 3 km with already legendary sections such as the Salt del Túnel, the Peralt "e", "Il Curvone" or the last jump known as the "Salt del Tonet". In 2016 the Àliga hosted the first Downhill Alpine Skiing World Cup in the Pyrenees. In 2019 and 2023 the Alpine Skiing World Cup Finals were held there.


The Super Giant is a speed discipline but with great technical demand, a perfect combination for the racers to offer a great show that is full of emotion.

With its unique features, the Àliga has all the ingredients to become one of the top pistes on the calendar in this discipline. In a single descent, combining passage through gates and speed, athletes can reach more than 100 km/h.

This discipline will take place on the Àliga piste, the slope where the racers "fly" and the stands bounce with each competitor.


The alpine combined is a challenge for the best skiers in which they have to fight against the clock to achieve the shortest time in a downhill or super giant heat and in a slalom heat.

Two disciplines with very different technical requirements but where the most versatile racers can shine.

A great competition is guaranteed!


Giant slalom is a discipline in alpine skiing where the public can enjoy descents that combine speed, dizzying trajectories, and high spectacle. This discipline requires racers to be in excellent physical condition, be highly strategic, and be extremely accurate in choosing their lines throughout the race, as well as having exceptional mental strength to withstand the pressure for two consecutive heats. 

The Avet piste of Soldeu is the perfect setting to watch the giant slalom competitions in all their splendour.


Technique and precision are the key elements in the star discipline of alpine skiing: slalom.

Slalom is a discipline with very technical requirements where any calculation error on the part of the racers can mean being left out of the race. The routes require intense, fast descending at all times.

In 2012, the Avet piste hosted the slalom of what was the first Alpine Skiing World Cup held in the Principality of Andorra.


The parallel is a discipline that guarantees spectacle from the first minute due to the unique fact that the runners compete in pairs in order to pass to the next round. Spectators hold their breath during an intense morning in which the skiers bring along their purest competitive spirit.

One piste, two identical tracks, two racers, and a fight to beat their rival.

A dizzying duel in a time trial to reach the finish line first.


From the fusion of the spectacle of the parallel and the team event arises a competition with a unique atmosphere not found in any of the other disciplines.

The struggle between countries on a rhythmic and fast course where the sum of the times of four racers will allow each nation to pass to the next round or be eliminated. This suspense provides the essential ingredients for an exciting show in a high-level event, where individuality is put to the service of the collective under a flag.