The next venue for the 2029 Alpine World Ski Championships will be decided between Andorra, Val Gardena (Italy) and Narvik (Norway) on 4 June, in Reykjavik, Iceland. This is an excellent opportunity to take this event to a new region, the Pyrenees, where Andorra is a strong candidate.

What makes the Andorra 2029 Candidacy so good?

What differentiates us from our rivals?


The opportunity to take the World Championships to a new venue, in a new region, the Pyrenees, and a new country, Andorra.


A candidacy that covers an entire country, with a very complete cultural, tourist and leisure offer (skiing, wellness, gastronomy, shopping, museums, culture, children's activities, etc.). 


A country of snow, where all children between 6 and 12 years old ski as part of the School Ski Programme.


A compact competition venue, with high-quality accommodation and all the necessary services within a radius of just 2.5 kilometres


A model that embodies the concept of Sportainment: sport and entertainment in 15 days of festival throughout the country.


World Championships for everyone, with the firm objective of eliminating any potential barriers and making the event accessible to everyone


World Championships with a solid sustainability plan, in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.


An event with an efficient and sustainable transportation system


World Championships that contribute to creating a solid legacy on a national scale, for the world of alpine skiing and for the FIS, establishing a new model for the event that allows an evolution beyond the sport itself and contributing to the adoption of new healthy lifestyle habits in the public


A candidacy that has the support of an entire country, from public institutions to the entire public.