‘Simply Andorra, collectively making our mark’, is the campaign slogan to promote the candidacy for the 2029 Alpine World Ski Championships

The legacy. A large part of the case for hosting the 2029 Alpine World Ski Championships is built around this concept. And it’s with this objective in mind that the communication and marketing campaign for the bid to host the World Championships in Andorra is based. The announcement was made in the emblematic Radio Andorra building this morning, presented by the Andorran Minister of Culture and Sports, Mònica Bonell; Project Director David Hidalgo and Marketing Director Elisabeth Pérez. The slogan that lends the campaign a voice is “Simply Andorra, collectively making our mark”. A message that emphasises the value of the Pyrenean country and the magnetism and enterprising spirit of its people. As domestic skiing icons, the FAE (Andorran Ski Federation) World Cup racers, Joan Verdú and Cande Moreno are the featured stars of the advertising campaign and promotional video. The latter, an audio-visual presentation that combines action shots from the last World Cup Finals where the visual sketching of the skiers’ tracks illustrates each of the steps needed and imprints that are left when organising a sporting occasion of such importance.

The campaigns’ objectives are to convince the population of the significant value of hosting an event of such dimensions; to get the locals excited and to motivate them to participate; to surprise everyone with activities that go beyond just sport, that make the social commitment of the project clearly visible and that leave an imprint and legacy in the world connected to snow. Accordingly, the candidacy dossier focuses on aspects such as making sure there is universal accessibility, the MenjAND solidarity initiative, renewable energies in the organisation of major events, the implementation of a new transport model, and competition courses that are attractive to skiers that come to Andorra.

The campaign consists of three phases: an initial exposure period providing information about the project (winter 2022-23); a second in which the aim is to connect emotionally with the public (October 2023 to May 2024) and, finally, a third phase of gratitude that comes after the election of the successful venue (June 2024).


The communication campaign will be running in Andorra, Spain and France, as well as in other countries such as the United Kingdom and Ireland. At the same time, the Technical committee and the FAE continue the series of discussions with the FIS advisers to promote the Andorran proposal. The campaign has been created domestically with companies and talent from Andorra itself.


46 million euros

Should Andorra be elected host of the 2029 World Championships, a budget of around 46 million euros will be made available. An allocation that will be fully funded by the FIS from television and marketing rights, ticket sales and merchandising. Organising this great sporting event will not entail any costs to public entities. It is worth highlighting that the event will stimulate economic returns in various sectors, as well as promoting Andorra as a tourist destination.

The next steps

The FIS has set a deadline of this November for the three candidates (Val Gardena (ITA), Narvik (NOR) and Andorra) to submit their final dossiers. Throughout the winter these documents will be analysed at length by the members of the FIS council. On the 4th of June, the vote to decide the venue for the 2029 Alpine World Ski Championships will take place in Reykjavic (Iceland).