The FIS describes the presentation of the Andorra 2029 candidacy as “impressive”
The international federation rates the complete dossier positively and highlights the legacy, sportainment and sustainability components

An alpine skiing event, the likes of which have never been seen before. An evolution of the model that goes way beyond sport. A milestone that must progressively transform the paradigm in the organisation of an Alpine Ski World Cup in which not only the athlete, but also the spectators and the public, will actively participate throughout the 15 days of the Alpine Ski World Championships Andorra 2029. These are some of the most provocative messages that David Hidalgo and Elisabeth Pérez, the general manager and the marketing director for the candidacy respectively, sent to the technical committee of the FIS this afternoon during the presentation of the Andorran candidacy that aims to host the event in 2029. The committee is headed by Michel Vion, general secretary, and Markus Waldner and Peter Gerdol, directors of the Men’s and Women’s World Cups, who were among other area managers.


The Andorran Ski Federation, the event holder, has also travelled to the annual meeting that the FIS organised to take place in Zurich this week. In the presentation, the most relevant aspects of each of the sections of the candidacy dossier were introduced, such as accommodation, operations, mobility and transport, sustainability, entertainment, marketing and communication, safety and the competition venues. Members of the FIS rated the Andorran presentation as “impressive”, emphasising the legacy, entertainment (sportainment) and sustainability elements. In addition, they underlined the emotional aspects that the project contains in its communication campaign. Afterwards, Val Gardena (ITA) and Narvik (NOR) presented their proposals.


The FIS analysis process will continue in the coming months and experts from each area will prepare an assessment report that will be passed on to the board members who will vote at the Reykjavík (Iceland) congress next June.