The Andorran School in Canillo embraces the values of the Andorra 2029 bid

The Andorran School in Canillo embraces the values of the candidacy for the Alpine World Ski Championships Andorra 2029. In an event that was held in the auditorium at the Palau de Gel, the schoolchildren presented their projects, having worked on different tasks over the last few months that are based around the values of the candidacy. They had the opportunity to talk with a number of elite athletes from the country that were FAE skier Cande Moreno, judoka Lia Povedano, rugby player Pep Arazanz, special Olympics badminton player Jennifer Vilchez and blind archer Jordi Caselles. Each of the sports people talked with the children about overcoming challenges, health and sustainability issues, teamwork and inclusion, which are all values that are the DNA which is ingrained in the Andorra 2029 master plan. 

This project that is led by the Canillo school itself, is part of the school’s project for the 2023-24 academic year that will culminate in an Olympics in the month of May. With the initiative in mind, the school contacted the technical department of the Andorra 2029 bid to ask for information for them to work with the children. One of the main projects they have brought to fruition is the making of a video clip for a song entitled “Empremtes” (Footprints in catalan). This is in direct reference to the campaign to promote the World Cup bid which has the slogan “Simply Andorra, collectively making our mark”. The lyrics of this song, inspired by the bid’s values, are interpreted in the video by the children in the choir with sign language also being featured.

The event was attended by the Mayor of Canillo Jordi Alcobé, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Mònica Bonell, the Secretary of State for Sports Alain Cabanes, the General Councillor Meritxell Alcobé, the Director of the Andorran School Olga Moreno, the Director of the Andorran School in Canillo Isaac Benchluch and representatives from the executive team for the Andorran bid.

The Andorra 2029 candidacy will again be featured in the educational plans of the various educational systems in Andorra next Monday when several inclusive workshops and activities will take place. 

Another of the project’s initiatives will be carried out in some of the various educational systems’ centres at the end of April with new activities focused on accessibility and language-oriented issues.