The Andorra 2029 bid is hitting the accelerator one month before the election of the host of the World Championships
The vote by the FIS Council will take place in Reykjavík (ISL) on the 4th of June

The Andorra 2029 bid is hitting the accelerator to get closer to achieving its dream. The countdown has been activated and there is just one month left till the vote that the International Ski Federation Council (FIS) will take to decide the venue that will organise the Alpine World Ski Championships in 2029. Just three contenders are bidding to be awarded the honour of organising the largest alpine skiing event. The Pyrenean country and Narvik (NOR) are repeating as candidates for their second times. Val Gardena (ITA), the classic World Cup venue, is bidding for the first time, although, unlike its two competitors, it previously organised World Championships in 1970. Throughout this month, the plan to disseminate and promote the Andorran proposal will be intensified, as will the contacts made by institutions in order to publicise the project to the countries that have an FIS vote.

The Secretary General of the Andorran candidacy, Marc Mitjana, explained that as candidates, "we have already passed all the regulatory requirements of the project that the FIS has been asking us for". In fact, the Technical Office delivered the latest version of the dossier on the 1st of March, a document containing the entire conceptualisation of the project. Since then, the FIS Technical Committee has produced a comprehensive report that evaluates each aspect included in the dossier. Once this report was compiled, at the end of April the FIS sent the document for the Andorra 2029 bid to each member that has a vote on the Council for them to read and analyse.

From this point onwards, he adds, "a period of contact with the FIS counsellors begins to explain and resolve any doubts that they may have, and for us to be able to emphasise everything that makes us stand out from the other candidates".

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