‘It's time to make the stars shine again’ is the motto of the campaign for the candidacy of the Andorra 2027 World Championships
The coming together of an entire country, the dream of a joint project, and the pride of being the venue for a historic event are the values projected by the communication campaign presented today

La Massana, Wednesday 24 November 2021.

The candidacy of the Andorra 2027 Alpine World Ski Championships continues to promote and strengthen itself, with an eye on next May, when the International Ski Federation (FIS) will announce the venue for the event. This Wednesday, in the emblematic setting of the Farga Rossell, in La Massana, the Minister of Culture and Sports, Sílvia Riva, the General Director of the project, David Hidalgo, and the Marketing Director, Elisabeth Pérez, presented the communication campaign which will be announced in Andorra and neighbouring countries, the main pillars of the candidacy. As such, under the slogan of ‘It's time to make the stars shine again’, the campaign wants to spread the message that the country has a great opportunity to take part in an exciting joint project. At the same time, and still in a period complicated by the pandemic, it also wants to communicate that it is time for sports stars to shine again.


The campaign's claim is born from a phrase by the poet and artist Guillaume Apollinaire. It is focused on capturing a message of unity and hope, to mobilize the population, to reposition Andorra as a benchmark for alpine skiing and, likewise, for snow tourism. In addition, the campaign has been jointly developed from beginning to end with national companies with the aim of giving them a boost after a difficult year and a half. All the protagonists, representing the past, present, and future of national and adapted skiing, are also Andorran.


The main values of the candidacy are reinforced through the campaign: the promotion of alpine skiing, health, sustainability, accessibility, and excellence.


For example, in terms of sustainability, the Andorra 2027 project takes into consideration the extensive use of renewable energies, the promotion of public transport, the reduction of food waste, and the construction of temporary infrastructures to reduce visual impact


The campaign was launched through the media and on social networks this Wednesday, both within the country and in local markets (Spain, France and Portugal). It will also be digitally released to strong European markets, such as Ireland, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.


Championships for the country without public expenditure

The underlying numbers for the World Championships already speak for themselves. A 16-day event, with the participation of more than 750 skiers from 70 countries, which involves more than a thousand communication professionals and which is broadcast live to the whole world through more than a hundred television channels. To establish a comparison, the World Cup Finals, the last international milestone organized by Grandvalira (and which will be repeated in 2023), lasts one week, involves 230 skiers from 19 countries and is broadcast live on 38 TV channels.


Furthermore, as the General Director of the Andorra 2027 candidacy, David Hidalgo, recalled, "the budget to organize the World Championships comes from the marketing and television rights of the FIS". In other words, if Andorra is finally chosen to hold the event, it will not entail any public cost for the country.


Holding the World Championships, the most prestigious and important alpine skiing event, would be the culmination of more than fifteen years of great ski competitions in Andorra. As Hidalgo mentioned, this story began in 2006 with the submission of the first candidacy to hold a World Cup event in Andorra. In the meantime there have been Europa Cup races, World Cup races, Europa Cup Finals and World Cup Finals.


Link to campaign video: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1MetrGS2BJcu2WLW9UkBGc2YLSpIOlonk?usp=sharing

Download photos of the event here.