Andorra, we will be back!
The country in the Pyrenees will fight for the 2029 Alpine World Ski Championships
The FIS gives the 2027 World Championships to the Swiss resort of Crans Montana


Milan, Wednesday 25 May 2022.

We will be back. The commitment to hosting the World Championships remains intact. Andorra will not be organizing the 2027 World Championships; that honour will go to the Swiss resort of Crans Montana. That was the decision that the Council of the International Ski Federation (FIS) took a few minutes ago and which it has announced within the framework of its annual Congress held in the Italian city of Milan. The president of the FIS, Johan Eliasch, was in charge of making the announcement, which was also streamed around the world on the international body's YouTube channel. The decision was received on site by the general director and sports director of the Andorra 2027 Candidacy, David Hidalgo and Santi López, as well as the vice president and director of the Andorran Ski Federation, Patrick Toussaint and Carles Visa.


The director of the Principality's candidacy, David Hidalgo, was clear: "Andorra will keep trying until we get it. A next objective opens up, the candidacy for the 2029 World Championships." And he added: "The team and the country will use all their effort, capacity, enthusiasm, and professionalism so that the World Championships can be held in Andorra." In the assessment chapter, the president of the Andorran Ski Federation, Pepi Pintat, praised the great work done in conceptualizing the dossier and promoting the candidacy for the world championships. A project which he described as "very solid." Along the same lines, Hildago was proud of the project stating that it was "solvent and innovative from the point of view of providing concepts that have not been seen in any FIS event so far."


The Principality was competing against three big names in international skiing: Crans Montana (Switzerland), Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany), and Narvik (Norway). Switzerland achieved it in its third and final attempt.