The Andorra 2027 Championships present the Master Plan and the Agreement with FEDA to seal the commitment to sustainability and the environment
The candidacy of the championships and the semi-public entity have jointly put together a document to implement sustainable and responsible ways of working during the competition, which are also designed with the intention of leaving a long-lasting legacy for the country
Use of 100% renewable electric power during WSC2027, the installation of electric charging stations and offsetting CO2 emissions, these are just some of the measures that will be in place


Andorra la Vella, Monday, 2nd May 2022.

Care for the environment, promoting sustainability and protecting our natural surroundings are all inseparable concepts for the World Championships Andorra 2027 candidature and strategic principles for FEDA (the Andorran Electric Power entity). If, during this month of May, the International Ski Federation (FIS) decides to award the celebration of the most important alpine ski competition in the world to our Principality, these will without doubt be three fundamental segments of the event. This is reflected in both the Master Plan for Sustainability and Environmental Protection of the Andorra 2027 candidature, and in the Agreement of Intent made with FEDA, which were presented on Monday morning by the semi-public entity, which has become a committed partner for promoting sustainability measures in the project.


Both documents are a clear example of the absolute commitment from the Andorra 2027 candidacy to achieve a healthy balance between economic growth, environmental care and social welfare. In order to contribute to this balance, the Master Plan is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and the Agreement of Intent made with FEDA includes measures aimed at minimizing the impact on the environment and contributing to social welfare. Therefore, today a powerful message has been sent that we are supporting a pioneering candidacy and one that, in addition, involves all of society in the achievement of these objectives.


In this way, following in the wake of previous successful events that were held in Soldeu El Tarter (Grandvalira), which were the 2012 World Cup, the 2016 World Cup and the 2019 World Cup Finals, The World Championships Andorra 2027 therefore proposes a series of eco-responsible practices before, during and after the competition itself. Practices that are in no way are considered temporary measures, but instead are designed with the intention of leaving a lasting legacy that propels Andorra to evolving into a sustainable long-term model. In addition, it will provide the opportunity for citizens and companies alike from all over the Pyrenees to be involved.



Sustainable practices with a commitment to the environment

Among these practices are, for example, guaranteeing the use of certified renewable electrical energy throughout Andorra during the celebration of the Championships and the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles in the areas that are linked to the competition. This also includes promoting FEDA’s Mou_T_B app to send messages on sustainability and information about elements of sustainable mobility, or offsetting CO2 emissions that are generated, which will be done through the implementation of an inter-Pyrenean project in which companies in the region can participate.


These are some of the points included in the Agreement of Intent that has been signed with FEDA and presented today, which are in addition to others that seek to achieve the same sustainable and responsible objectives. These include the installation of photovoltaic plates to the roofs of all the buildings that meet the required technical specifications, and promoting the 3Rs rule: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This last point will be achieved, for example, with the reduction of single-use plastics by installing a network of water sources to supply the entire organization and public, and extending the use of biodegradable materials in all the items that are liable to becoming waste.


With regard to promoting sustainable mobility, the use of electric or hybrid shuttles is foreseen for providing the transportation link between the hotels and the competition area.


During the presentation of the two documents, CEO of the Andorra 2027 candidacy and Grandvalira ENSISA, David Hidalgo, argued that one of the priority objectives of the 2027 World Championships is "the reduction of negative environmental impact, while increasing positive social impact". In this sense, "FEDA is a key player as a public entity producing, importing, distributing and marketing energy." Therefore, thanks to the signed Agreement of Intent, it becomes an "indispensable partner in our journey to being able to achieve and celebrate the World Championships as well as, nationally, in the advancement of the process of energy transition and sustainable mobility".


Hidalgo also explained that the 2022 European Cup Finals were already used, in the same way that the World Cup Final next year will be used, to test some of the practices that are included in the agreement presented today.


The Deputy General Director of FEDA, Imma Jiménez, was present at the presentation, which took place at the Andorran Electric Power premises in Andorra. Jiménez explained the driving role of FEDA in energy transition and sustainability, which is the reason why the semi-public entity jointly organised the event, celebrating together the commitment to the candidacy and of the country in these areas. “The fact that they count on us as a partner fills us with pride,” she said.  The Deputy General Director also highlighted the "Message to the World" that this proposal represents, which shows that large events with 100% clean energy can be held successfully, incorporating a sustainability perspective.



David Hidalgo and Imma Jimenez shacking hands with the signed agreement in hand
David Hidalgo and Imma Jimenez signing the agreement publicly
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